"I absolutely adore the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Twin Cities Burlesque Academy's classes. I felt continually supported by the community, which made me feel comfortable to push myself and explore all the beautiful things my body can do. I learned a lot about self-love, and a lot about teamwork."

"Fun time, confidence!"

"I love the instructors and my fellow students. I loved working with a group."

"My biggest takeaway was working on being present. In the moment. Being aware of your own body in space, not compared to anyone or anything, just be. Be attractive and comfortable with oneself."

"I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere. I learned an awesome routine and costume skills. Biggest take away was confidence."

"Group choreography was my favorite class. I enjoyed dancing in a group to music I don't normally dance to. Took me out of my comfort zone and felt the beauty and power of what working together as a group brings. I also enjoyed all the mini classes/workshops that are offered, like dancing in character and making your own pasties. Those mini classes tie all the curriculum together and help bring things that were talked about in Burlesque 1-5 classes to life!"

"Warm, kind, inviting and patient energy from the instructors. Meeting new people and building camaraderie. Liked the timeline and how burlesque was introduced in a slow progression and not all thrown at you at once. Loved Teasercise and Group Choreography." 

"Incredible body positivity and support. Everyone who takes classes here feels sexy and builds confidence in and outside of the classroom!!!"

"Teasercise is a great workout for all levels of fitness, is so much fun! and a great precursor to Burlesque 1-5. Gets you all warmed up and ready to go!"

"The magic onstage are the reveals, surprises and punchlines, the best performance is when you're living right at that moment/being present." 

"I learned about all the places to shop for rhinestones, burlesque gear, how to's, be yourself! and so SO much more!"

"I enjoy meeting the variety of people in the classes!"

"Meeting new and creative people, learning and sharing through dance class. The welcoming atmosphere is a treat each time I attend a new class."

"I enjoyed the diversity of the classes. People of different ages, backgrounds, orientations, identities, body shapes, etc. It was perfect. I enjoyed the silliness and celebratory nature of the classes."

"For me, this experience was transformative and actually very life changing on so many levels. I had no idea when I began this journey of the effect that this would have... The biggest take away is to NEVER let anyone dim your light. Stand up for your truth, be authentic and honest. Ha...all this just from taking burlesque classes, eh? Who woulda thought?"



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