Teaching the Art of Burlesque Since 2005    


Learn the art of burlesque! Tantalize, shimmy, and strut! Whether you want to try burlesque just for fun, begin a path to the stage, or take your performance to the next level, The Twin Cities Burlesque Academy is the highest caliber school for your artistic journey and glamorous shenanigans. Our liberating and exhilarating classes show you how to let your inner light shine. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome! 


Founders Ophelia Flame and Gina Louise are pioneers in the new burlesque movement and have been teaching since 2005. As the Twin Cities’ first burlesque instructors, they've built a solid curriculum and cultivated a dedicated following of students. This dynamic pair boasts a combined total of over 50 years of theatrical training and stage experience. Ophelia and Gina share their glittery wisdom and generous instruction as they welcome you on your burlesque journey.

NICOLLETTE MOLL, Studio Administrator & Co-Producer

Nicollette Moll, "The Darling Dame of Downtown," is the Academy's beloved and invaluable Studio Administrator, making operations run smoothly since 2014. This Twin Cities Burlesque Academy alumni is also Co-Producer of The Peacock Cabaret and our annual Student Showcase featuring graduates and special guests. Nicollette performs regularly as a solo singer/dancer and with her troupe, The Birds of Paradise. 


MARANDA WRIGHT, Instructor & Co-producer

A longtime student and graduate of the Twin Cities Burlesque Academy, Maranda Wright is teaching & co-producing the Peacock Cabaret with fellow Alumni Nicolette Moll & Bettie Beware. After many decades of sordid affairs with other dance forms, Maranda sashayed her way into TCBA and found herself seduced by burlesque. She is also the co-producer of the monthly Capital City Burlesque show in downtown St. Paul and a member of the Birds of Paradise burlesque troupe. Maranda performs around the Twin Cities sharing her infectious smile and sparkle wherever she goes. We’re so grateful to have Maranda on the team!


Bettie Beware, Instructor & Co-producer

A life-long dancer, Bettie Beware began with tap and ballet as a child then continued with studying partner and social dancing as an adult. She found her way to burlesque through swing dancing and her appreciation for jazz music. Bettie began frequenting burlesque shows and took classes at the Twin Cities Burlesque Academy. She only planned to do one show but the audacious and glittery world of burlesque drew her in. Bettie is a member of the Peacock Showgirls and Gina Louise and the Ladyslippers. She is also a co-producer of The Peacock Cabaret. She has taught beginning ballroom and swing and participated in other group fitness training. Bettie hopes to share her love of movement and radical body positivity for an inclusive and fun class! 


Sparkles Du Jour, Studio Manager

A 2019 Academy Alumni, Sparkles Du Jour is thrilled to be part of the TCB Academy team as both a Studio Manager and Instructor. Sparkles got her start in the Minneapolis Burlesque scene in 2017, and felt immediately at home amongst the glitter and glamour. Sparkles comes from a performance background and has studied theatre, music, comedy, improv and dance, and loves how burlesque allows her to bring all of her prior experience to the stage in one shining, shimmying spectacle! When she's not greeting you at the studio with a smile, Sparkles can be found on stage across the Twin Cities as a soloist and member of Kinsey & The Killers.



At The Twin Cities Burlesque Academy (formally The Playful Peacock), we teach burlesque technique, performance, and history while encouraging self-­expression, personal transformation, and body confidence. We offer a joyful, supportive environment and welcome students of all levels and backgrounds. We celebrate burlesque as a non-­traditional, feminist performance art championed by women and supportive entities. We are part of the global burlesque community, keeping the art of burlesque alive through education and performance.